Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What’s on the painting Table? Space Marine Librarian, Reaper Miniatures and Warhammer Wolf Riders

I often have too many miniatures to paint, not that I have any deadlines as I usually just paint for fun and not profit, but because I can’t resist them.

So here’s a run down on each of the miniatures I’ve currently got on the painting table waiting for my attention.

1. Space Marine Librarian

I used this old Games Workshop figure to test out Fairy Power Spray’s ability to strip paint (its fantastic!) and once it’s dodgy Blood Angels paint was gone I thought it would be interesting to paint it properly. I used to speed paint my Blood Angels chapter with Blood Red, wash with Black ink then pick out details with gold. Very basic but looked pretty good on the table. I am curious about how good I can get the miniature to look if I spend some longer painting it. I also think I might try auctioning it off on EBay. 

2. Games Workshop Wolf Riders. 
I painted one of the wolves last year to represent one of our D&D player’s animal companions. It came out rather well so I thought I’d finish off the rest, I also wanted to try out a technique I used to use for goblins and orcs. First you paint the skin yellow and wash with Green Ink, this gives a very vibrant skin tone with the yellow brightening the green from underneath. I’m not sure if there’s any market for Goblin Wolf Riders so I might try them on EBay but I’m happy to keep them if they don’t sell and use them for tabletop role-playing. 

3. 60041: Eando Kline, Pathfinder , 03201: Damian Helthorne and 02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger .

These Reaper miniatures have been sitting in my paint tray intimidating me with their complexity for months. I bought them because they are just exquisite but I’m a bit concerned that I won’t be able to do them justice. The level of detail on the Elf Archer and Eando Kline is very challenging so I’ll probably attempt Damian Helthorne first to build my confidence (and because he looks awesome). 

4. Artizan French Resistance. 
I have three more of these models needing painting to join the Michelle model I painted last month. They are needed for my Weird War II adventure (which I’ve finished writing) so I really ought to get on with them, but I’ve been enjoying painting more colourful miniatures recently. 

5. Secrets of the Reich Nazi Zombies. 
 I’ve got 20 of these to paint also for my Weird War II game and they have to be prepared, primed, based and painted before I can run it. I still have some time and I’m generally pretty quick when it comes to painting large units which can feel like more of a chore than concentrating on just a couple of models at a time. 

As you can see I have lots to choose from, watch this space and you’ll (hopefully) see each of these projects completed over the next few weeks.

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