Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mantic Elves, Dicarus Darksword & Warhammer Dwarf Cannon Crew

I've been pretty busy with work and family stuff the last few days so sorry for the lack of posts.  I thought you might like to see the model I have painted since the Space Marine Librarian and some better photos of some I painted for the last D&D campaign I played. 

The first set is some Mantic Elves I painted as Dark Elves.  In the campaign the heroes have to face loads of Elves and Dark Dwarfs and I just couldn't find any models that worked as D&D dark elves, Games Workshop's are terrible and I wanted a set that would look like a professional army rather than a mismatched set of individuals.  I also needed a lot of them so I speed painted 30, first step was to paint the whole model (except the face and hair) with dark grey, then I washed with watered down black.  Details were picked out in light silver.  The Officers and shields were painted Blood Red and also washed with black.  The faces I painted blue (my preferred skin tone for dark elves) and blended lighter blue as the highlight. 

Dicarus Darksword is a Reaper miniature and he is tiny, really small in fact and that presents certain challenges when your painting that you don't get quite so much with larger models.  There is very little metal to paint and he's basically all cloak.  However, Bobby Jackson the sculptor is a rather talented chap and he still managed to pack some real character into him.  We don't have a player character with a Halfling Thief at the moment so I thought i'd paint him as a Ranger instead.  I also tried using some real plants to give him a more natural setting which worked out better than I had expected.  

The last set in today's post is the Warhammer Dwarf Organ Gun & Crew.  This was bought for my son by my nephew as a birthday present and I painted it for him.  They came out a bit shiny so i'll use the Anti Shine spray from Army Painter.  I think they came out rather well, especially the leather of their clothes.

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