Thursday, 9 August 2012

Reaper Bones Dwarf: Review & Painting Project Part II

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In my last post I did a little review on my first impressions of the new Bones range from Reaper. Specifically the Dwarf Warrior.  This evening I based and primed the model and got on with painting.  I'll be honest I wasn't really expecting what I got.

These models are really good to paint.  The level of detail is really good and once primed they take the paint just like any other model.  There have been some reports of paint not taking to the plastic without primer but I don't see any reason not to prime them so that's really not an issue.  My first impression was of a quality plastic miniature for a very low price.  That hasn't changed and I'll definitely be getting some more of the Bones range to paint.

I took a slightly more careful approach with this model as it is for a good friend and I'm hoping he'll like it.  I also used Army Painter's 6mm Swamp Tufts for the first time and i'm rather impressed.  They look much better than normal static grass.

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  1. Have you seen the Kickstarter on these? Astonishing what the prices are and the models offered! Only 5 more days in it; we're at Vampire Level.

    Just in case you're interested ;)


    (I entered this as anonymous, but am not employed or affiliated with them. Would be glad to correspond with you. I've signed up for email updates.)