Sunday, 26 August 2012

03099: Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief Work in Progress

After the craziness of the Reaper Kickstarter ($3.4m raised and over 230 minis coming my way next March!) I just couldn't bring myself to paint a non Reaper miniature next.  It just wouldn't seem right! So I decided to tackle this miniature which has been in the 'Patiently, patiently waiting' tray for rather a long time.

He is a deceptive figure to paint, which as he's a sneaky thief seems quite appropriate.  At first glace Werner Klocke's scult seems pretty straighforward.  Lots of cloak, quite a small face and not too much else other than boots & knee pads.  But if you look a little closer some of the detail comes out.

He has a shirt with bracers at his wrists but if you look below his belt on the right there's the edge of a waistcoat, so the sleeves of his shirt and the body aren't actually the same piece of matierial and should be painted different colours really.  I decided I liked the colour of his shirt (a natural linen) enough to overlook this and stick with it.  He also has the tops of a few pouches sticking out and they need to be picked out in a nice contrasting accept colour too. So I decided I wanted Mr Copperthumb to have a slightly sinister but still natural look.  His clothes under his cloak would be natural browns with a black cloak.

But you can't just paint a cloak black and expect it to look right.  If you look at a real piece of black matierial theres precious little black in it.  The majority of the cloak is grey with black lowlights and very light grey highlights.  I painted Klaus's cloak a mid grey, washed with Nuln Oil shade (Games Workshop) and will blend in some highlights later.

Most of the browns get a wash of Agrax Earthshade, applying the same shade wash to the different browns will help to bring them together in a similar tone, again highlighting will be done last.

I did originally plan to paint his knee pads in brown too but they look like plate to me so they're going to get the NMM treatment later (along with his axes and dagger), lets hope I can pull it off as this will only be the second model i've tried it on and a curved piece of armour is quite different from a fairly flat and straight sword blade.

1st Wash
1st Wash
So the palette i'm going for is Grey, cream and brown, i'm not 100% decided on what colour to do his beard yet, suggestions would be welcome.  I don't really want his beard to be lost in a sea of brown & grey so blonde might work.  Ginger might make it pop more but i'm not sure it'll work.

With a bit of luck i'll have time to finish him off tomorrow so stay tuned!

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