Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Reaper Bones Dwarf: Review and Painting project

I was talking to a great friend of mine the other day and he complained that his local Games Workshop never had a Dwarf that he thought represented his D&D character properly.  So after preaching passionately about how GW isn't a Roleplaying miniature manufacturer anymore (boo, hiss, shame!) I had a look for something for him.

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What I found was the Reaper Bones series Dwarf.  I was vaguely aware of the Bones range but hadn't bought any yet and thought this would be a great excuse.  Reaper seems to be doing the exact opposite of Games Workshop.  They have an extensive metal range of models geared towards Roleplayering and are bringing in a range of Plastic miniatures at a incredibly low price.  The Dwarf I bought cost me £2.08 including postage from Ebay (you have to buy £30 worth to get worldwide free postage from Reaper).

So Games Workshop introduced plastic figures to replace the majority of their metal products and over time have increased the price....a lot.  Reaper are bringing in a Plastic range and are dropping the price....a LOT.

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Hats off to Reaper.

Now onto the model it self.  First impressions are that the quality is exceptionally good for a plastic miniature.  I had to look really hard to find the mould line.  The plastic is pretty soft which should make conversions a piece of cake.  Finally the plastic is white, and its claimed by reaper that you can paint it without primer, i'm not sure I would choose that route myself as I think the paint would flake off over time.

So thats all for now, I have to go to work, but i'll prime this one later and see how well it comes out.  Watch this space.


  1. Now I'm liking this one. Reaper seem to have hit it just about right. Of course detail with miniatures is everything so it will be interesting to see how the plastic takes the paint. This project may just inspire me...... . I am looking forward to watching its birth, and, erm, am under no illusion of the potential ransom opportunity to get me down :) And why not........

  2. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Reaper is running a Kickstarter to get more SKUs in the Bones line. You can get almost 200 miniatures for $100 now, and they have their largest dragons for $10-$15.

    Bones Kickstarter

  3. If your from the UK you might be interested to know that the Kickstarter has 3 days left and for £80 (including postage) you can now get 200 miniatures. There is a wide selection of monsters, heroes and innocent victims....I mean bystanders, to let you get your adventures with miniatures started.

  4. Late post, but the Reaper forums have a thread about how well Bones takes paint, and it does very well. Someone painted a miniature and kept it in his pocket with his keys and the paint didn't come off! Likewise, the forums also has a primer thread, and some primer stay tacky on Bones.

    Anyway, THANKS for the Bones entries. I'm learning from them. Hope to see more!

  5. Thanks aka.Washu!
    I really like the Bones range and there are a lot of good posts on the Reaper site along with great examples of how everyone paints them. One of the things I like about them is their versatility.

    For example, the Purple Worm is a realy detailed and quite large miniature but as its so cheap many painters feel that they can experiment with colour schemes which wouldn't be likely. We've had Lava Worms, Frost Worms, Swamp Worms and my own 'Great Wheatfield Worm' as its being called among many others.

    Have you painted any Bones miniatures?