Now how does a confirmed amateur deal with commissions?  This is a difficult one for me. 

I get told fairly frequently that I’m really good and I've had some success with competitions and getting my work featured on retail sites.  But the painters that I admire like Sebastian Archer, Ben Komets and Corvus are true artists and marveling at their work both keeps my ego in check and my motivation to improve high.  

But a normal 28mm miniature painted by them can cost up to £100 and even though that's great value for their level of skill that’s not within everyone’s reach. 

My own opinion of my work is that I’m a talented amateur and know a few tricks that can transform an unpainted miniature into a painted version that will be admired on the tabletop and not be out of place on your display shelf.

So I asked myself would people want miniatures painted by me? Well the only answer I can come up with is ‘You won’t know till you try’ so that’s what I’m going to do.

Commission Prices

28mm scale Miniature                                  from    £10.00                       

Large Scale Miniature (Ogre size)                from    £15.00

Large Monster Miniature (Dragon size)       from    £30.00*

*dependant on the model, please email me for a quote.

Please note I do not normally paint whole armies as they take too much time to paint at the level of detail I am comfortable with but I am quite happy to discuss a discount rate for individual units or sets.

Payment Terms:
You can either supply the miniature direct or purchase it and have it sent it to me.  I will need to ask for 50% of the total fee before starting.  All postage costs will be at your expense but rest assured I don’t make a profit on them.  Several photos of each miniature will be taken and sent to you digitally.  I reserve the right to use photographs of any miniatures I paint on my blog and elsewhere for promotional purposes.

You can assemble the models yourself if you wish and send them to me. If you assemble the models yourself, be sure you are satisfied with how they look. Unless you ask I will not do any further cleaning of the models, so make sure your satisfied with your cleaning & assembly.

I am happy to accept painted models to repaint, I can strip the models down to bare metal or plastic and re-prime them. This will cost a bit extra and should be discussed at the beginning of the project.

I accept payments through PayPal or cash if you are local.
PayPal should be sent to

The whole fee must be paid before models are returned. This includes postage costs

Abandoned Models: If you do not pay for your models within three months of completion, and have not made arrangements for payment, you will forfeit the models and everything that you paid for up front. 

A single miniature within the UK will cost £3, for overseas costs please contact me.

Please pack your models well. However, if any are broken I will be happy to repair them although poses might of course be different.  I can repair most problems at no charge and without giving you any complaint-- I ask for the same consideration on your end.

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