Thursday, 23 August 2012

Reaper's Damian Helthorne Reloaded

As I mentioned in the last post I used a transfer for the shield design on this miniature, and it was a bad move, it brought the paint job down and just didn't work.  Thanks to some honest and supportive suggestions from the community at the Reaper Forum I plucked up the courage to return to a finished model and fix it, not something I normally do as I hate to risk ruining a model after i'm done.

So this evening I did a bit of remedial repair, took the old transfer off and hand painted a new symbol. I also fixed the eyes a bit by narrowing them and reducing the black line around them.

I toyed with the idea of a lion, a striking hawk and a castle tower but finally decided on a Horse's head as the image that would wok best in the space available.  I used the same red as the cloak with tied the shield into the rest of the character well without over doing it.

All in all i'm very glad I changed it.  What you think?

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