Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reaper Bones Goldar The Barbarian

This miniature caught my eye as soon as I saw the Reaper Bones Vampire level reward on Kickstarter and i've been wanting to paint him ever since.

I decided I wanted a Spartan look so chose a nice crimson for his loincloth with a repeating wave motif (which was a bit of a pain to paint) and was toying with the idea of swapping his axe for a spear and putting a bit spartan shield on his other arm, but in the end I decided that he'd be more useful as a generic Barbarian Hero. 

I also decided I wanted to try painting aged Bronze.  Gold and Silver are pretty easy to paint with metallics but aged bronze is much more complicated.  When steel corrodes we see rust, a brick red discolouration. When Bronze corrodes it's oxide is a milky blue green colour called verdigris, really heavily corroded bronze looks like mint green milk, but newer bronze might just have a little green in the hard to clean areas.  Bronze in general is similar to a dark brownish gold and can be polished highly to look like gold.

I decided my Barbarian's armour would be well used and serviceable. Clean but not 'parade ground' clean if you know what I mean.  So a little verdigris under the plates and around the creases and rivets with gold peeking out from anywhere that would get regularly rubbed during fighting.


  1. Looks pretty good. This is one of the models I also thought look pretty good in the metal version but the face just does not look right. It is not your paint job but just something that happened to the faces of many of the humans sized pc type figures. He just looks a little "special" if you know what I mean.

    1. I have to agree the faces on some of the Bones miniatures are definitely lacking some definition and Goldar is one thats sub par.

      Having said that, the level of detail in most cases is really very good and the benefits of the Bones material (price, flexibility and no need to prime) make up for the occasional model that looks like he's been hit in the head a few times too often. :)

  2. Lovely paint job! Your work is great refence material. It's detailed enough to be a challenge to try to reproduce for me, but not pro enough to get me depressed about never ever being able to paint like that xD
    I mean that in a good positive way btw ;)
    Those CMoN pieces of art are amazing but you see detail there that looks impossible to even see with the naked eye, let alone paint it.

  3. Your 100% right Sjeng, the artists I admire are the ones that create flawless works of art like Nakatan's Final Charge (

    But for tabletop games i'm good enough and if I can help anyone else enjoy painting miniatures i'll be a happy little paintgoblin.

  4. Very nice. I really like how the armor came out. How did you do the waves? Solid white line, then the actual wave? Also, did you do white directly onto the red?

  5. That's exactly how I did it David! White line as a guide then repeated waves directly onto the preshaded red.