Sunday, 8 September 2013

Reaper Bones Duke Gerard

Hi everyone.

Another day another Bones miniature to get painted.  I had some free time on saturday and spent a very enjoyable afternoon painting this one up.  Its another experiment in Non Metallic Metal painting and worked out faitly well.  I like the overall look at least.

I think the Gold needs more sparkle though and the sword blade isn't as smooth as I wanted, thats mostly due to me not knowing when to stop.  It looked great after the fourth wash but I thought it needed a brighter highlight and that led to a lot of reworking and now it looks a little rough.

This time I started with a darker tan colour as my base for the gold which I think is the right choice.

The white however i'm really pleased with.  I wanted a warm and soft look to counter the hardness of the armour.  It started with a base of creamy mix of Citadel Ushabti Bone and Vallejo US Uniform Drab with successive layers with more and more white added until the final highlight was pure white. 

Starting with a Grey base gives a hard and slightly dirty white which wouldn't have complemented the gold armour very well.  The other alternative would be to start with a blue white base but this gives a very artificial white which works well for Sci Fi but not for fantasy.

The base is another Tiny Worlds Slate resin base with layers of different colour washes built up, it could do with a little more work to be honest so I might come back to it.

I hope you like it, please comment if you would like any more information about colour choices or techniques and i'll be happy to share.

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