Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reaper Bones Dragon Ebonwrath Part 1

This is going to be a big project.

I haven't painted a large scale dragon for many years but included with my Vampire reward from the Reaper Kickstarter was Ebonwrath and I've decided that he deserved quite a lot of time and attention.

As usual I searched for inspiration on Google and on the covers of my book collection and finally decided to paint this wonderful miniature to represent Onyx (aka Khisanthfrom the Dragonlance Chronicles

The base colour for the scales will be black with a pale brown belly, i'm also tempted to paint the wing membranes in pale brown or he'll look too plain. 

Click to enlarge
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The base is going to be rather time consuming.  I didn't want to paint the dragon really well but have a less than impressive base so bought an old 2nd hand trophy from a junk shop and ripped the (very ugly) faux bronze statue off. A layer of milliput formed the base for my little scene and on top of that I added one of the chests from the Vampire set, some weapons and other scenic bits & pieces.  

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I added a large wedge shaped rock to this and drilled some holes for the pins Ebonwrath would need.  The overall look i'm after is the Dragon perched on the central rock searching for intruders after his hoard.  If there's room and I have the right miniature i'll add it in later.

So far so good, lots more to do still though before I even get started on the Dragon!  Stay tuned for part 2 soon.

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