Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back with a bucket full of Bones!

I've been away for quite a long time as regular (if I still have any) readers will know.  I've been waiting for the Reaper Kickstarter rewards to arrive since April.

Yesterday they finally arrived.  Was I tired of waiting? Was I getting more and more annoyed with Reaper's refusal to tell international backers what was going on? Was I well and truly fed up with the constant disappointment? Yes to all those.

Am I happy now?  Am I satisfied with the miniatures now they have finally arrived? Have I forgotten the problems and forgiven the mistakes?  I hate to admit it but yes to all of those too.  When a woman gives birth they go through some very intense pain, but once the baby is born good old mother nature generally wipes away the memory of that pain.  Its just the same with my Bones delivery.  

I was ranting on the Reaper forum (sometimes with good reason) and complaining about a company I really like for its god awful communication.  But once I had the Vampire box in my hand and all those Bones miniatures came tumbling out everything was right with the world. 

There are a few issues with some of the sculpts, the Townsfolk Mom with Kids seems to have had a relationship with a potato.  This is the only reason I can think of to explain her potato faced offspring. Ellen Stone, a miniature I was really looking forward to has a face that's oddly similar to Pikachu's and Juliette the female Sorceress seems to have had her fingers burned (off!) casting a spell.

But casting problems are to be expected and with over 240 miniatures to paint i'm not going to lose any sleep over a couple.

As usual, Bones miniatures look like they're a little short on detail but in most cases that's just perception and once the paint is on the detail is excellent.

My next post will be my first paint job, Kagunk the Ogre Chieftain.


  1. I'm keeping an eye on your progress! I can use some good reference material for my Bones paiting endeavour ;)

  2. Thanks Sjeng, I hope its helpful!

  3. I know the faces were a little disappointing, but I'm using it as an opportunity for some fun green skinned aliens!

    Ellen the cowgirl looks really nice that way.