Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reaper Bones Werewolf

'Hi everyone, my name's Richard and i'm a Bones Addict.'  

'Hi Richard!'

'I've been painting them for several months and can't seem to kick the habit.  I'm just taking it day by day folks!'


The next Bones miniature I wanted to have a go at was the Werewolf.  Its not my favourite sculpt by a long way (the arms are too long and the claws too short for my taste and the mould line...well i'll talk about that later) but I wanted to see what I could make of it.  And I needed a Werewolf for my tabletop collection.

Normally I would have gone with a dark brown paint scheme but since I did the Great Worm in brown/sand last week I thought i'd go with something different.  I searched the interweb for inspiration and not surprisingly found lots of photos of Timber, Winter and Grey Wolves which looked great.  

So I settled on a Grey scheme with nice red eyes and creamy teeth.  If you look at predators in the wild they keep their teeth very very clean, I wish I could say they same about my kids.  Wolves teeth aren't white, they're normally an off white with a black gum.

Wolf fur ranges from brown/tan and black on a white base to almost pure white with every shade in between.  I wanted a bluish grey and it turned out pretty much as I wanted.  

I started with a base coat of Citadel Fortress Grey then layered dark grey washes over the skin and fur getting a bit darker each time.  I then highlighted with Fortress Grey mixed with White, about 50:50 over the exposed muscles and did another pass once it was dry with the same colour but with a bit more white, this only went on the higher or more exposed surfaces of the muscles.

The mouth was painted with a dark Citadel Scab Red but the tongue was a more baby pink colour and the teeth were Citadel Ushabti Bone.  These got a light wash of Citadel Nuln Oil to stop them looking like granny's false teeth.  The claws were a very dark grey with black lowlights

I have to admit the mould line on this one is quite horrible and if i'd realised how badly it would show up on the photos i'd have smoothed it off somehow.  Its always difficult to get rid of a mould line when it isn't on a flat surface though and this one ran all the way over fur.

More photos below, click to see a larger version!


  1. I'm also a big fan of the bones stuff, and I actually appreciate that you didn't go with the brown.

    The mold lines on this one are rough... but it still looks nice.

  2. Well done my man. The WW looks great in a cool grey. Warmer WW's always seem... cuddly to me and not as threatening as grey. Great job!



  3. Thanks Yeti, one of the things I like about the Bones range is that they're so cheap there's not really any barrier to trying new colour schemes that are a bit different and techniques that you haven't tried before.

    Of course you could do the same with a cheap barrel of moneys but the bones figures combine value with great detail.


  4. I'm so going to (try and) paint my WW in the same colour scheme. Fantastic reference material! Reaper even put yours on their site :O