Saturday, 10 November 2012

Reaper Bones Ogre

Another week, another Bones miniature.  After this one I just have the Minotaur left to do so I promise i'll be onto something new very soon.  I struggled a bit with this one due to lots of distractions away from the paint table and he's not 100% finished.  He could really do with more work on the kilt, the strap across his bandages on his left hand and some brighter highlighting on his club.
Overall the miniature is pretty good, the detail is clear and the mold lines aren't too bad and the paint job is certainly good enough for its tabletop purposes but I just didn't enjoy painting it as much as the other bones miniatures, I think that's just me being peculiar though.
I wanted the club to look like fairly new softwood, not really the best choice for a club but he is a stoopid ogre and I didn't want the heaviness of a darker brown to draw attention away from his face. 
In hindsight I think I should have chosen either a darker skin tone or a lighter tone for the bandages as the photo makes them fade in a bit more than they are in real life.  On that subject i'm continually disappointed with the performance of my camera.  Its just not up to the job of macro photography and i'm definitely going to look at getting something more suitable.

The next painting job will be the Artizan WW2 French Resistance and a British Soldier because my game is finally starting.  In fact the next post will be about the preparation for that game.

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