Sunday, 11 November 2012

Getting my Weird War II game ready

I've been planning my next turn at running a RPG game for rather a long time, in fact thats the first project I had planned at the begining of July when I started this blog.  Well the time has come and the game is due to start on the 25th November so I have a few things left to do.

I can't share everything i'm going to do just yet as I know some of my players will be reading this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I have got four more miniatures to paint  which will bring the total number of miniatures i'll have ready to 55.  

The adventure is fully written (i'll share that with you once we've finished) and I have most of the scenery and vehicles i'll need.  I've chosen the background music which will add ambiance and i've got some WW2 books with photos of the war as props to help the guys get in the mood.  I've also got some documents the players might find which i've translated into German (and in English to give to the character's that took German as a Skill)

I'm using the Savage Worlds system which uses playing cards to determine who acts in each round and 'Bennies' to represent a hero's luck.  The heroes get three tokens which can be cashed in to get a reroll or other benefits.  For this game i'm using rather distinctive tokens....

My very talented photographer friend Roy has helped me out with some excellent scenery and vehicles including an abandoned french farmhouse and lots of German half tracks, tanks, trucks and motorbikes.  I think this is the most prepared i've ever been for a game.

I do still have a few things to do though.  I need lots of trees and I need to make a GM Screen, i'll make another post on making a custom modular (and importantly Cheap) GM screen soon.

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