Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How to: Make a Custom GM Screen

In preparation for my Weird War II game I went looking for a GM Screen, unfortunately I couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

So I decided to make my own and you can too.

You will need:
3x 25mm Ring Binders with display pockets on front & back.  
1x Roll of Double sided tape
4x Plastic Document Pockets

Lay out one of your folders making sure (and then checking again) that the opening to the pockets on the other side is at the top.  

Cut eight strips of double sided tape and stick them on the inside covers.  Carefully peel off the backing tape on the strips.  

Take your next binder, and again checking that the opening to the display pocket on the front is at the top, carefully line up the edges and place the folder on top of the sticky tape and repeat on the other side.

You can just use two binders but I like a lot of room to roll dice and keep my handouts and maps organised so I recommend using three, they still fold up neatly.

Next prepare the Document Pockets.  Stick the double sided tape on one side of each pocket, I found a long strip at the top & the bottom worked well.  Stick the pockets to the inside covers of your screen,  try to keep the pocket taught so it doesn't gape open.

And your pretty much done.  I printed some appropriate art for the four pockets facing my players and the rules and tables I'll want to check often in the pockets inside.

When you change games to a different system or genre you can just switch out the art & rules pages to suit the new game.  

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  1. I like it! And with ruleslight systems you can even use the plastic pockets as surface for pre-written, scenario or evening-relevant notes. They don't have to include rules.