Monday, 12 November 2012

5000 Visits to my Blog!

Hi everyone.

I've just had my 5000th visit to my Blog !  I'm very pleased as this doesn't track my own visits and I was fairly sure that no one but me would ever look at it!

Back in July when I started this blog I wanted to share what I was doing and maybe provide some inspiration to other Roleplayers that might want to use miniatures in their tabletop games.  Over that time my painting skills have improved, i've learned some new techniques, won prizes in a couple of competitions and painted some models i've been really proud of.  

In the last five months I've made 40 posts on subject like what scenery to use, Step by Step Guides and rants about Games Workshop and i'm glad you've enjoyed them.

Over the next few months i'm hoping that our local games will actually use miniatures more often so I can give you some reports and in game photos, a guide to making your own custom GM Screen, more photography guides and in March I have an enormous delivery of Bones Miniatures to look forward to.

Anyway, thanks for the support everyone.  Lets see if we can hit the next milestone of 10,000 posts in less time!  

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