Tuesday, 8 January 2013

World Works Games: Terraclips Dungeon Essentials

My son has been sitting on a big pile of cash since his birthday in November, he considered buying some Lego but in the end after a trip to our local games store he decided that he wanted the Terraclips Dungeon Essentials pack from World Works Games.  I think these sets are particularly well suited for Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and most fantasy Savage Worlds settings. 

This pack wasn't cheap at £35.00 but you do get a pretty good selection of push out card floors, walls, doors and a few bits of dungeon scenery.  There's enough to build three or four decent sized rooms with corridors, stairs and doors.

What you don't get however, is the plastic clips to hold the pieces together.  You have to buy these separately for another £12.50.  World Works Games is pretty up front about them not being included and you could glue the parts together but that would defeat the purpose of modular card stock scenery.

In its favour, this pack is visually quite impressive, the parts fit together well both mechanically and artistically and there are lots of different ways to build dungeons with it.  There are two other sets in the Terraclips Dungeon Rise range, Vaults of Ruin and Prison of the Forsaken, with all three sets I imagine you can make some very impressive dungeon lairs and there are other compatible sets for a sewer system, marketplace and various buildings.

The set is also quite practical for the weekly gamer, it can be cleared away or transported easily, not something I can say about resin scenery!  But fundamentally the price is quite a considerable barrier.  The full set of Dungeon Rise will cost you just under £150.00.  If you add on a pack of each the other sets you'll be looking at £300.00 in total which is pretty steep, but I suspect you'll have everything you'll ever need when it comes to fantasy scenery.  

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