Saturday, 5 January 2013

Resin Scenic Bases

30mm Lipped Cobblestone

I'm not very good at bases.  I'm happy with how my painting is progressing but my bases are to say the least pretty basic (if you'll excuse the pun).  So imagine my excitement this morning when I received my package from Tiny Worlds Wargaming.

30mm Lipped Slate
I haven't used Tiny Worlds before and found them through eBay.  They have a pretty decent website though so i'll order direct from now on.  I ordered two packs (x10) of 30mm Slate lipped bases, one pack of 30mm Cobblestone lipped bases, one pack (x4) of 50mm slate lipped bases and one pack (6) of 40mm Dungeon bases.  Each pack was £4.49 but they refunded me £2.00 of the postage bringing the total to under £20.00.
30mm Lipped Dungeon

The order took 7 days to arrive which isn't bad when you consider this was over new year and a weekend (so four working days).

The cobblestone bases will be used for the 1930s pulp game my regular GM is going to run, the Slate ones will be used for most everything else and the dungeon bases will be reserved for larger fantasy monsters like the Bones Ogres i've got coming in March.

Initial impressions are very good, the details are crisp and well defined yet still look natural, each base is randomly picked from a fairly large selection so repetition isn't a major issue.  I'm not entirely sure how easy it will be to drill the bases so I can fix the miniatures to them but i'm sure it will be something I can figure out.

30mm Lipped Slate
Now as long as the weather stays dry i'll prime them tomorrow and get painting!  

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