Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mr Big the Pulp Miniature

I finished another of Mubaris' miniatures for his 30s Pulp game, this one is I suspect destined to be a Mr Big so I painted him to be an wealthy 'respectable businessman'.

The miniature is Jasper Gutworth from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures range.  In my opinion this is one of his better sculpts and was very enjoyable to paint.

I have a lot of suited gangster miniatures to paint for this particular game and the choices for suit colours are going to be a bit restricted to browns, blues and greys and blacks so I wanted this one to stand out a bit and show a bit of flair.

Hopefully the pinstripe green suit with the rather fetching green/yellow suit & pocket handkerchief will fit the bill.  The pin striping was a bit of a pain to paint freehand and is actually the base colour with a drop of yellow to lighten it.

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