Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pulp Miniatures and pinning miniatures to resin bases

My regular GM (Mubaris) is planning a 1936 based Savage Worlds game and for Christmas was treated to a number of the Pulp Miniatures packs.  He asked me to paint them which I was very happy to do.  As this coincided nicely with my Tiny Worlds scenic resin bases arriving I thought i'd do a work in progress post with a little how to guide.

To pin a miniature to a scenic base you'll need a few tools, pliers, clippers, a file, a craft knife and a very small drill.  The one at the top of the photo is called a Pin Vise or Archimedes Drill which you can pick up from ebay for a couple of pounds.  

Ideally a Dremel Rotary Tool should be used to cut the miniature away from the base or slotta bar.  You then need to drill a hole up through the leg and glue a 4-6mm piece of wire into the hole.  
Next pop a dab of bright coloured paint on the end of the pin and place the figure where you want it to be on the base.  This will give you a guide point for where to drill.

Its a good idea to check the pin fits both holes before you glue anything, a mistake here can be a real pain to fix!

I pinned and prepared five of the Pulp Miniature models ready for painting and managed to complete one today, the rest will be done during the rest of this week.  I still have another fourteen of these figures to do so i'll be pretty busy with them for the foreseeable future! 

The one I chose to complete was the African Explorer and I pinned the Bulldog to his base.  I painted both in quite similar colours and I think the dog does look a bit like its owner.

What do you think?

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  1. Very funny figure , i like this , and good paint .

  2. Thanks Cap'n, I'm really happy with the oh-so-serious expression on both the faces.