Saturday, 7 July 2012

Here we go!

I've been an amateur painter of figures since I caught the bug at my local Games Shop when I was 15.  I was drawn in by stink bombs, fake poo and video games (back when Space Invaders was new) and bought a figure to try painting.  I was hooked and played Games Workshops Warhammer games and painted quite a lot of figures.

27 years later and after numerous breaks i've got back into painting but for a different purpose.  Our long running sunday night roleplaying group has started using miniatures and its a real improvement for us.  Being able to visualise the same scenes as the GM is really usefull and helps us to enjoy the action more.

So why this Blog?  I wanted somewhere to record my progress on each painting project I start.  I also wanted to share my tabletop miniature's experiences with others as I found it quite hard to find any similar sites.

So if I get one reader other than myself i'll be happy.

A conversion I made a long long time ago!

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