Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weird War II

Weird War, Wargaming, Roleplaying, miniatures
Artizan German Infantry
I finished the German troops the other night, they came out quite nicely although I have to admit my current style of washing rather than blending or layering isn't working out that well.  Its much faster than blending or layering but just isn't really giving me the finish on organics that I want.  Its great for a gritty, dirty, war torn suit of armour but just doesn't do faces justice.

Artizan S.A.S. (Europe)
I got started on with the British SAS team that will be used to represent the players, this photo is with the base coats applied and an initial wash on the uniforms.  Highlighting, faces and bases still to do.  The faces on these Artizan sculpts are really nice with lots of character, especially the two on the right.  I'll have to experiment with how to paint the glasses though as I don't think i've done clear ones before and i'm not entirely sure how to go about it.

Weird War, Wargaming, Roleplaying, miniatures
Artizan Dr. Klomp
Finally, I also finished the evil scientist I needed.  The finish on the figures is a bit grainy which I suspect is due to elderly Games Workshop primer but he came out really nicely.  I kept the face quite pale and the colours very muted so the violent green of the syringe would dominate.

Its really hot here at the moment so the paint is drying a bit quickly, waiting till the evening to paint solves tht problem but then the light isn't so good.  I'm waiting for a magnifying lamp to arrive (which i've wanted for  awhile) which will also help with my less than perfect eyesight 8)

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