Monday, 30 July 2012

Brains....Brains....:Nazi Zombies on the Rampage

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Ok so i've decided on which Zombies to use.  I've got some Mantic Ghouls I painted for our D&D adventures which will work really well as French villager zombies and i've ordered some additional Zombie Nazi's from West Wind.

I'm looking forward to painting those as they look really detailed and Zombies are always fun to paint.

 I also have 3 Mantic Zombies given to me for free by the owner of Krackers (the same game shop where it all started nearly 3 decades ago!).

Once they're all painted i'll have a horde of over 30 of the things to chase the players around with.  Add these to the dozen German soldiers and i've got plenty of opposition to throw at them.

Heroclix Hulk

I've also picked out this Heroclix Hulk I repainted as an Ogre for the same D&D game.

It'll work really well (in fact much better) as the transformed Dr Klomp. 

I've nearly finished the SAS (European) figures that will represent the players, then I need to paint the Resistance.  By the time i'm done with those the West Wind Zombies should have arrived.

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