Saturday, 7 July 2012

Weird War II Project

I've decided that I want to write and run a Weird War II game.  I'm about half way through writing it so kind of know what miniatures i'll need.  I'll put up pics when they arrive from Artizan.

The Heroes
Our RP group hasn't really touched WW2, we've done a lot of mainstream games, but i'd like to try something a bit more unusual and couldn't really decide between a Captain Scarlet/Spectrum game, a Pulp inspired Call of Cthulhu game or WW2 with a supernatural twist. 

Some of the German Soldiers i've ordered
The Spectrum idea is cool but the figures are quite limited in their poses so I don't think they'll be as fun to paint as they look.  I do want to do the Cthulhu game but our current game is pretty similar so its WW2 afterall!

While I wait for the Artizan figures to arrive I need to find some Nazi Zombies.  I really like the look used in Dead Snow and at the moment West Wind look like the right models.

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