Monday, 21 April 2014

Back to the Bones

Its been quite a while since I did any painting and sometimes I just end up taking a longer break than I intended.  This time it was the Orcs fault.  I have six of them sitting on my painting desk glaring at me with their unpainted accusing eyes and I just haven't had the enthusiasm to tackle them.

Anyway, I got the urge again today and decided to switch to a different miniature to get myself started again, I chose another Bones product from Reaper mainly because they don't need priming.

Anval Thricedammned is the evil fella I picked, he's got good muscles to work on and plenty of mental armour to try our Games Workshop's new Typhus Corrosion Technical paint on.  Well the muscles went ok, I chose a redder base than usual because I wanted him to look unhealthy without looking pale and 'undeady'
(thats a new word, you can all use it but i'm keeping the copyright). And the armour was good, although I did have to change gears a bit as there was going to be just too much iron with too little differentiation between them so I added in a little gold.

The Technical paint works well, it drys to a matt finish and is fairly gritty, sort of like the crud you get inside an engine where oil mixes with grit and dust.  I'll have to find a tank to paint to really try
it out.  But in this case it worked to age the armour and stop it looking too heroic.

Overall i'm pretty pleased with Anval and i'm sure he'll see action on our tabletop soon.

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  1. I just put a layer on paint on that exact figure a minute ago, and then took a break and saw this post. I went pale on this guy, because I want to make some pasty underworld-dwelling type, but I like the red.