Sunday, 4 May 2014

Egyptian Bones Stone Golem & Legionary 2014 Show

Its a three day weekend here in the UK so I took the chance to visit a Gaming Show in Exeter called Legionary 2014 run by the Exmouth ImperialWargames Club and to finish my latest Bones miniature.

There were a around half a dozen different Egyptian style miniatures in the Bones Kickstarter I backed and i've been looking forward to painting them for a while now.

I thought i'd start with the Stone Golem, its a really iconic miniature and will no doubt see some action in plenty of dungeons.  It also fills a gap in my collection for a Golem so even if we don't run a game in a middle eastern setting it'll fit in for most generic settings too.  

I wanted a sandy style finish so mixed a base coat of Citadel Bubonic Brown with a touch of pure white, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and Nuln Oil and highlighted with a 50/50 Bubonic Brown & Pure White mix.

I considered painting the skirt as white linen but it has cracks which suggests its really part of the sculpture, I was going to paint the crown and bracers in white and dark red like the double crown of Egypt but decided against it.  In the end I just painted the eyes a glowing Scorpion Green which I think adds an air of drama as the only other colour on the model.

I hope you like it, i'd love to hear your opinions on whether I should have painted the crown, skirt & bracers in other colours though so please leave a comment.

More Golem photos at the bottom but first....

The 2014 Legionary show at Exeter was a lot of fun, I took my youngest son along and we toured the various trade stalls where everything from Copplestone Castings, Artizan, Games Workshop and Bolt Action were on sale along with Games systems, modelling and painting supplies and weird stuff beyond counting.

There were around a dozen large tables with wargames ongoing from Ancient to modern periods, and the quality of the painting was excellent and we were made to feel very welcome by everyone we spoke to.

None more so that the boys from the 'Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher' group who let my son play a game of Pulp City.  He really enjoyed the game and I enjoyed watching, the chap who showed us the game (I think his name was Ross) was enthusiastic and explained the game well and told us quite a bit about how the game is developing and their role in being playtesters for it.

The core rules only cost £20 from their website but is currently out of stock, hopefully this will change soon as i'm very keen to get it and start building some scenery and painting some of their excellent miniatures.

Thanks to Hendy Badger and (possibly) Ross for showing us the game and infecting us with their enthusiasm!


  1. A good time had by all. Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. Ross

  2. You paint wonderfully. I always check your posts and the facebook posts on "paint my Bones".
    You've been awarded!!

  3. Love the Stone Golem! Very inspiring for my upcoming Khemri Blood Bowl team.