Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Dapper Assassin & The Madman

These two are also Copplestone miniatures, the first is from the 'Frankie's Fingermen' set.  I tried a strong white pinstripe which worked quite well although not as well when blown up to large size in a photo!  The face on this sculpt is excellent and has great character.  

I wanted this one to be a blonde and painted the hair on the top of the head a paler blonde than the bottom half with the back being a bit darker again.  Hair is rarely a single shade throughout and blonde hair looks a bit unnatural if it doesn't have shades worked into it.

For speed (I have so many of these gangsters to do!) I painted the gun with metal paints, i'd have preferred to have worked on some Non Metalic Metal painting on these, they would have looked much better I think.  But with another nineteen miniatures to paint for Mubaris's game some shortcuts are having to be taken.

The next miniature is from Copplestone's 'O'Hare Boys' set.  This one just looks amazing, the character in his pose and the facial expression just screams 'Bring it on!'

This one was both easy and hard to paint, easy in that the face practically painted itself, the expression is so well sculpted it's simplicity itself to bring it out.

The difficult part came with the colour I chose for the suit.  I wanted a pale dove grey but with a blue tint to differentiate it from the base's cobbles.  Unfortunately the I mixed in too much blue and it looked wrong so I had to start again.

When I showed this model to Mubaris and another friend, Rob, I explained that I used the wrong blue for his suit and although it looked ok it wasn't quite right so I had to repaint it and Rob accused me of being a perfectionist.  I suspect he might be right!

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