Sunday, 24 February 2013


I decided to take a bit of a break this week both from painting Gangsters and from painting in general.  I feel its important to me that painting never starts to feel like a job even if I am getting paid for it.

So with that in mind, i've only painted two things this week, and one isn't finished.  The first is a brilliantly sculpted resin Skeletal Pirate from Black Scorpion Miniatures and the second was a set of barrels for scenery from Renadra.

The first pirate is a bit of a mix as far as i'm concerned.  The sculpting is excellent and the pose is good, the detail is clear.  In fact there's nothing wrong with the miniature at all.  But my approach didn't work out quite as well as I had envisaged in my mind.  I wanted a grimy, dirty look which I got but it wasn't easy.  In fact it took a lot longer than I expected and still isn't quite what I had in mind.  

The non metallic metal work on his sword came out well despite needing a lot of work to get it right.  I repainted it twice before getting a look I was happy with and if I wasn't committed to improving my NMM work I probably would have thrown in the towel and pulled out the metallics.

But in the end it came out well I think.  The wooden floorboard resin base from Tiny Worlds Wargaming came out really nicely and shows off the model to great effect.  I can't recommend those bases enough!

Now the Barrels were much easier.  I started with a base coat of US Field Drab from Vallejo Model Color (70873) on the wooden parts and Lufftwaffe Uniform (70816) on the hoops.  The wood got a wash of Agrax Earthshade to pull out the details and the hoops got a Nuln Oil wash.

Thats as far as i've got though.  The plan is to finish off with a Grey Blue (70943) highlight on the hoops and to glue them all to a base so they can be used for lots of different games.

I'll put up some photos of the finished work soon.

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