Sunday, 28 September 2014

Reaper Bones Anirion aka Raistlin Majere

This isn't Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance series of books and adventures. Honest.  He just looks quite a bit like him!

This is actually Anirion from Reaper but he holds such a resemblance to the complex magician from the Dragonlance books I couldn't resist painting him to match.  I didn't quite go as far as giving him pale gold skin but he has similar robes and shares the same white hair and crystal topped staff.  I did a lot of blending on the robes both on the red and blue sections prior to adding the gold runes.  It started with quite a dark Scab Red then progressed through Blood Red all the way up to Lava Orange, needless to say there were quite a few layers between the three colours.

Once the blue hem was finished I debated whether to add the gold runes or not as I was a bit concerned I'd mess it up and ruin all that blending work but I think it worked ok.

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  1. I'm gonna paint mine as Raistlin as well xD I think many have painted him likewise.