Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reaper Miniature's Mason Thornwarden

I'm sure that if your like me you've painted a miniature and half way through its just a disaster.  None of the colours are coming out the way you wanted, the model isn't looking anything like you imagined it would and the details you thought were going to be great just...aren't.

Well have faith, or trust in the Force whichever floats your boat.  I can tell you that its never too late and no paint job is too far gone to save.  I had to repaint this miniature almost from the base up.  The brown I chose for the legs just looked like he'd waded through a swamp and the bow was so dark it practically disappeared with the dark tunic behind it.

I took a bit of time, counted to 100 and took a good long look at what i'd done and what the model needed to save it.  In the back of my mind I was thinking of a character from a Raymond E Feist book, Magician (read it if you haven't its fanstastic) and wanted a woodsy looking ranger with a red undertunic, it just wasn't working.  The model needed contrast badly.  

The first and most obvious change needed was the bow colour needed to be lighter, so I went for an Elf Bow look and painted it with a bone/off white colour, the arrows got the same treatment.  Second the red undertunic was changed to blue and the leggings/boots became a dark buckskin.  I think it worked pretty well in the end despite the problems it gave me.

If all else fails, and the paint job you have worked on is just not working, pop it in a tub of Fairy Power Spray for an hour and start again.

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