Thursday, 27 December 2012

Games Workshop Blood Angel Terminators

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As I mentioned in an earlier post some of the painting i've done recently has been as presents so I couldn't share them.

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Well those presents have been given and now i'm free to post pictures without spoiling my nephew's surprise.  Here for your enjoyment are the Terminator squad I painted for him.

I attempted my first go at OSL (Object Source Lighting) on these miniatures, if you look at the green eyes you'll see the lights in the eyes also appear to light up the raised surfaces around them.  The same goes for the light given off by the Lightning Claws.  

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Unfortunately the photos didn't come out that well and they look a bit washed out.  The claws are quite a bit brighter in real life.  

OSL is quite hard to get right, the idea is to only have the light show on the surfaces it would hit if it was coming from the source.  I'm pleased that these came out well but I think I need some more practice to get the effect I want.

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