Saturday, 6 October 2012

Weird War II on hold and Pulp Sci-Fi

Hello again, sorry for the long gap between posts but i've been very busy with work and a bit distracted with Guild Wars 2.  Don't worry that distraction didn't last all that long and i'm back to painting.

Due to some scheduling problems with one of the players my Weird War II game is unavoidably delayed.  This is good and bad news as on one hand I have a little more time to get my act together and paint the French Resistance models but on the other I can't share the adventure or the in game photos with you.   Stay tuned, it will be along in the next few weeks.

In the meantime we've been getting ready to play Mubaris' (our regular GM) Savage Worlds Slipstream game.  I didn't intend on buying any figures for this game especially after spending a silly amount on the Reaper Kickstarter but when I saw some of the Pulp Sci Fi models available from Reaper and Hydra Miniatures I couldn't resist.  Actually, my ability to not be able to resist buying miniatures seems to be a recurring theme!

Anyhoo, We have the following characters for our upcoming Flash Gordonesque game:

SAM-66 is my character.  A Mechanical Man from Mechano who is the ships Doctor and Engineer.  He's softly spoken and avoids combat and danger but has quite a hidden past for the other characters to learn about. I chose the Reaper ALF 24 Robot Assistant for this character with a set of Tool Bots to go along with him.  They haven't arrived yet (i'm in the UK and its a long way from Texas!).

Next we have Rob's character. A RAF Pilot from World War II, spun out of control in a storm he awakens in his trusty Spitfire in the thin atmosphere of The Slipstream,  time will tell how he gets out of this new predicament.  Its probably a good bet that a pretty girl will be involved though!  For this one we chose Captain Biggleswade from Artizan Designs (on of my favourite miniature suppliers). 

The next character is for my friend Bob.  He doesn't know that he's going to be playing a Space Chimp yet, we'll have to talk him into it but the figure was just too cool to pass up.  I forgot to take a photo of it unpainted and can't find one online so this one is one from their website. 

My friend Simon will be playing a One Eyed Psiclops and finding a suitable figure is really hard.  I toyed with the idea of getting the Torso Evans Strontium Dog figure from Foundry Miniatures  but it just doesn't fit that well with the pulpy nature of the game in my opinion.  In the end I opted for the Illyrian Ranger miniature from Reaper.

I'll put up some photos of the finished models over the next few days as they arrive.

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