Saturday, 6 October 2012

Savage Worlds Slipstream Miniatures

As promised in the last post here are the photos of a couple of the finished character miniatures for my regular GM's upcoming Slipstream game.

The first is Rob's RAF Pilot.  I suspect that he'll fall into the noble hero mould like Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon, with the rest of us keeping him out of trouble!

Rob wanted his pilot painted with a blond moustache and in RAF Blue which I tried to accommodate, I find blond hair (especially facial hair) is a very difficult colour to paint.  It either comes out too yellow or too brown but in this case it came out ok.  

Its a fairly simple colour scheme, brown leather (I used GW Bestial Brown) for the flying cap & coat, Alaitoc Blue with a wash of Nuln Oil for the uniform and that's pretty much it.

The Space Chimp came out quite well, i'm happy with it but not with the photos.  I think i'll have to bite the bullet and get a decent camera because the Fujifilm JX530 I've been using just isn't working out very well.  Even using Gimp to fix the white balance isn't doing the figures justice. I think I need to get a proper light box too.

Oh well, i'll put up some more photos when i've finished the next batch.


  1. I like the pilot, Rivh, he looks fine, and the RAF blue is close enough. That space chimp cracks me up, what an awesome mini! You did we'll by him.
    Looking forward to their exploits.