Friday, 7 September 2012

Its nice to be appreciated!

So my very first blog post had a picture of an Ogre I converted and painted for the Golden Demon painting contest about 20 years ago.  It was really quite terrible.  That was the last painting competition I entered and I cheerfully accept that I am not a real artist, merely a semi talented amateur that knows a few tricks.

Fast forward 2 decades and I paint just for fun and for the benefit of my Role Playing group.  But I entered the Klaus model that I painted recently (see previous posts) in a competition for kicks and despite there being some really nice models in competition against poor old Klaus he actually won!  

Rocket Propelled Games ( are a new company (actually a group of gamers) who want to make decent good quality terrain pieces for other gamers.  I really like the direction they are taking and would recommend keeping a close eye on them and their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 

I was delighted to be picked as their first featured miniature.  Thanks very much RPG Games!

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