Saturday, 29 November 2014

Dungeons & Dragon's Adventurers

Over the last few weeks i've been working on some miniatures to make up the adventurers in my upcoming 5th Edition Game. I'll be running the game for seven of my friends next weekend, and it seemed like it would be a missed opportunity if I didn't use miniatures for the game!  

I'll take some photos and share how it went, until then I can't share which monsters i'll be using (as those friends read this blog) but you can see here the Adventurers here.  From right to left they are, (Back Row) Human Wizard (Sage), Human Barbarian (Outlander), Wood Elf Cleric (Soldier) and (Front Row) NPC Oswald the Overburdened (The Fighter's servant), Dwarf Rogue (Charlatan), Human Fighter (Noble) and Half Elf Bard (Spy).


  1. Splendid, they are splendid, great colors and details!

  2. You forgot the very right elf. I like your paintjobs! Are some of these Bones? I own those as well :)